Dream Spa Salon 

AGES 2+ Years

$10.20 per person. Includes nail polish, glitter tattoo and  hairstyling. The little girls who celebrate their birthdays at Land-O-Fun will be pampered with her closest friends in the Dream Spa-Salon. Mothers might even become a little jealous when they see how well treated their daughters are.

Virtual Reality

$7 per person. We’re excited to introduce Virtual Reality at Land-O-Fun! Roller Coaster, Car Racing, Disney World, Underwater Sea World and many more!
Welcome to virtual immersive experience!

Cannon Balls

AGES 2+ Years

$6 per person. Our Cannon Balls are here for you! All ages are welcome to have an unforgettable experience with our cosmic cannon balls battle! No longer do you need to worry about throwing the perfect party and making your child happy. Land-O-Fun is the place where children can play fun games in a safe environment.

Video Arcade Games

AGES 2+ Years

Tokens for play. At Land-O-Fun, kids will be in paradise. New arcade games, bumper cars, and 1000s of prizes are available for children to win.


AGES 2+ Years

$7 per ride per person. Let’s bump into each other in our spinning bumper cars filled with music, disco lights and lots of fun for the entire family!

Indoor Play Areas

Included in the admission. Unlimited time. Our 11,000 square foot facility is more than large enough to celebrate the biggest of birthday bashes. Toddlers can also enjoy a state of the art play area.

Toddler Play Area

Up to 4 years old (Only)

Hand Wax

AGES 5+ Years

$10 per hand (child) $12 per hand (adult). At Land-O-Fun, kids will have an amazing time dipping their hands in wax and remembering their amazing time during their party . 


$45 per bear. Includes clothing for your stuffed toy. Build your own soft toy bear that will bring you fun and happiness 


8 tokens per play. Challenge your friends or family to a fun game of bowling.  

Discotech Private Room

$60 per 30 min. (karaoke option available for additional fee)

Glow in the Dark Private Party Room

Book your glow in the dark private party, please visits birthday packages for more details. 

Make your next birthday party an unforgettable event!

About Us

The Center is open every day for celebrating birthdays, and for those who want to spend fun time with their families. Our indoor amusement center, private party rooms, as well as the “Dream Spa” are perfect for any size party where all your wishes and dreams come true!
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